EVA Exotic Dancer (Soprano)
Remember EVA Eva, later in life (Soprano)
GIRL EVA Speaking Voice
TARKA Aboriginal seminarian student (Baritone)
TARKA Later in life
AUGUSTINE Catholic Priest (High Baritone)

CONDUCTOR – Warwick Stengårds

Flute – (Piccolo), Oboe – (English Horn), Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bassoon – (Contra Bassoon), Ondes Martenot, Strings & Percussion (3 players) with Pre Recorded Tape.

Exotic Dancer (Soprano)
The title character of Shaped by Trees, Eva is independent and not gagged by tradition or falsehood. A free-spirited woman, freshly unconventional, that does everything with endless passion. She is intoxicating, beautiful and unfaltering.

Remember EVA
Eva, later in life (Soprano)
EVA as the old lady takes us back and forth in time; recalling what she is able to, of her great love for Tarka, an idealistic seminarian student. We join her through the time travel of an old woman who is damaged by grief, love and the darkness of Alzheimers.

Speaking Voice
A very young Eva who gives us a glimpse of her abused family life. Her only protection is a poem ‘Shaped by Trees’, she reads for soothing warmth and love.
It is this poem that has guided her and carried her throughout her life.

Aboriginal seminarian student (Baritone)
Adopted at birth with Australian Aboriginal descent. Tarka was raised in a very traditional white Catholic family life. We meet him as a young seminarian student who is proudly disciplined, and naively believes in the absolute power of the Church. One evening to confront demons, he enters a strip club for the first time. Within minutes he is mesmerised by Eva and her uninhibited sensuality and her freedom; thus awakening his earthy and unguarded vulnerabilities.

Catholic Priest (High Baritone)
A kind gentle priest at the nursing home.